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With Uzan Automotive,
Reduce your resource consumption by half. The meaning of saving in your operations can be understood from our quality policy.
throughout Turkey;
Our company is mainly focused on Customer Satisfaction with knowledge and experience in plastics, metal, mold, electro-mechanics and mounting particularly including Automotive Industry
With Uzan Automotive,
Reduce your resource consumption by half.
Leading Solutions
in Plastics
In line with its goals, our company serves the plastics sector with vertical and horizontal plastic injection machines in various tonnages.
Leading Solutions
Being the supplier of Magnetti Marelli (Automotive Lighting) the leading brand of the sector, our company provides the Turkish market with various products including the Ignition Switch, Fuse Box, Distributor, Window Wiper, Heater Motor, Starter Pad, Mechanical Armature and Ignition Coils. Currently the company continues to provide self-support with new projects.
Leading Solutions
In The Mold Field
Listed among the reputable companies of the sector with leading solutions in the field of molds, Uzan Group continues to grow with its specialist team and innovative technologies.